Socialist Cindy, the childless champion of children

It?s time the Government listened to the growing chorus of leading opinion calling for an apology and an independent inquiry into historical abuse claims of children in state care, says Labour?s Justice spokesperson Jacinda Ardern.

“I welcome today?s call from prominent New Zealanders spearheaded by the Human Rights Commission.

“Labour has long committed to issuing a public apology when we are in government. We must acknowledge publically the mistreatment of so many young children in state care. There should be an independent inquiry; their voices need to be heard.

“National?s continuing failure to act on Judge Henwood?s recommendations is a dark stain on its record in government.

“Bill English as a new Prime Minister has the opportunity to show that his Government does really care about the well-being of all those who have been abused and he should act now,” says Jacinda Ardern.

I have no problem with the state apologising to those that were harmed in its care.

The question is: ?why didn’t Helen Clark do it?