UPDATED: Socialists and their Political Sugar Daddies

Marxists, Socialists and Left-wingers consistently hate successful, capitalist businessmen and attack them as heartless parasites of the working man who are, greedy and privileged white men UNLESS they are their Political Sugar Daddies.

Becoming a Sugar Daddy to lefties seems to magically remove all stains from a wealthy man’s character. Let’s have a look at two famous Sugar Daddies.

AT ODDS: Georgina Beyer has attacked Internet Mana Party founder Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom when he founded a new political party not only funded the campaign he paid salaries to the aspiring candidates, something that no other party has ever done before. His largesse bought him the undying devotion of died in the wool Marxists like Laila Harre who he crowned leader of his pet party. It also bought him the services of Wrongly Wrongson who cheerfully exchanged his soul for a shiny new laptop.

Even though it was clear to everyone that Kim Dotcom’s motives were entirely selfish and motivated by a desire for revenge against John Key, Lefties happily jumped on the Internet Party bandwagon and turned a blind eye whenever he was politically incorrect. They only?tut-tutted when he made rape jokes, incited people to burn effigies or to chant [redacted] John Key. Laila Harre became his main apologist. Even Mana party leader Hone Harawira aligned his party with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party despite his racist views about white men. Clearly having lots of dosh makes even the crime of being a honky forgivable.

There certainly was a lot to forgive and many things that the Lefties had to turn a blind eye to in order to accept Kim Dotcom’s money.There were all the criminal charges against him, piracy, copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering and then there was the disgusting treatment of his loyal employees. When Cam told Matt McCarten how a wealthy employer was exploiting his employees by paying well under minimum wage and making them work around the clock he was shocked and angry and said he would arrange to put the Unite Union giant blow up rat on the swine’s lawn. When Cam told him the address and who the evil employer was McCarten immediately lost all interest. Apparently, it is okay to exploit employees if you are a?Socialist Sugar Daddy.

Our second famous Sugar Daddy makes Kim Dotcom’s cash look like pocket change. His name is George Soros and he is a billionaire whose Open Society Foundation funds various nonprofit organisations?that have been revealed to be little more than fronts for his many political activities.

George Soro’s philanthropy is legendary. Soros doesn’t just support people he also supports politics and when he supports politics he also supports activists. When the activists cross legal lines and are violent they do it with funding from his Open Society foundation.

He was deeply involved in Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign and he has stayed involved in the ongoing opposition to the democratically elected Donald Trump, refusing to admit defeat and trying to take down a president with what some would say are fair means or foul. His money was behind the women’s anti-Trump march and his financial fingerprints have been seen elsewhere, funding violent protesters.

He has a desire to fill America with Islamic migrants and refugees and his desire is so strong that he has even used his money to help Trudeau in Canada flood the country with incompatible refugees while simultaneously silencing all those who would criticise the move with new blasphemy/ Islamophobia laws. He even funded investigations of people who are opposed to radical Islam in order to find a way to silence them.

Lefties and progressives and activists from a very long list of organisations rely on Sugar Daddy George Soros for their funding but he has (according to some memes) a very dark past that they all have to overlook in order to keep taking his money.

UPDATED: I have removed the memes as it has been brought to my attention that an interview with Soros has been twisted in much the same way that Milo’s was to make him appear guilty of something he wasn’t.



As a powerful Jewish man who controls so much of the world with his money, he should be the sworn enemy of your average anti-Semitic socialist but none of his alleged dark history concerns the socialists who line up to take his money. George Soros is the ultimate Socialist Sugar Daddy.