Sorry Winston. Kumara Bill will only deal with you if the voters force him into it

Prime Minister Bill English has today outlined the parties National will consider working with following this year?s General Election.

“Under MMP elections are always close so we will be taking nothing for granted as we campaign for the right to lead New Zealand for another term,” says Mr English.

“We will be fighting hard to win every party vote to ensure we are in the best possible position to form a strong and stable Government that continues to deliver for all New Zealanders.

“However, MMP means we will almost certainly have to work with other parties. This will likely be in the form of confidence and supply agreements, which have worked well for us in the last three terms.”

Mr English said his preference is to continue working with current partners – ACT, United Future and the M?ori Party.

“Together our parties have provided a stable and successful government at a time of great uncertainty in many parts of the world,” says Mr English.

Mr English ruled out working with the Labour-Greens grouping.

“They are an increasingly far left, inward looking grouping, with no new ideas who don?t back New Zealanders to succeed.

“New Zealand First is an unlikely partner, however I am prepared to have discussions with them post-election depending on the makeup of Parliament,” says Mr English.

There you go Winston. ?Definitely the last cab off the rank.

Can’t say I’d take no vicarious pleasure from watching Winston tell Bill how things are going to be. ?I guess I’m just that childish. ?Personally, my party vote is up for grabs. ?The reaction to the UNSC resolution really sticks in my craw.

There may not be an obvious alternative, but his kind of betrayal of a democratically elected government of another one in favour of a bunch of despots and terrorists is unforgivable to me.

If National needs some time in the naughty seats to get rid of the dead wood then so be it.