Speaking of Charter Schools, Labour and the Greens want to shut this sort of success down

Fairfax reports:

Maori and Pasifika students at one of the nation’s first partnership schools have been congratulated on provisional NCEA results.

Maori students at Vanguard Military School achieved roll-based pass rates of 92.3 per cent at level 1, 90.5 per cent at level 2, and 100 per cent at level 3.

Pasifika students achieve 85.7 per cent, 100 per cent and 100 per cent respectively.

Dreadful. I wonder what the state schools in the area achieve?

Surely we can’t have this sort of excellence in schooling. No wonder the teacher unions and their political wings at the Labour and green parties want to shut them down. They are showing up how crap the teachers are at the nearby state schools.

Student numbers have risen from 104 to 180 students, since the school was established, in 2014,?to the start of 2017.

The school is for years 11 to 13 and is located in Rosedale on Auckland’s North Shore.

A growing roll? Why is that the schools with the strongest union support seem to have shrinking rolls?

Parent choose charter schools for their kids, and with results like that you can see why.

Yet, Labour and the Greens want them gone.

I hope that Chris Hipkins has the courage to front at one of these schools and tell the parents?and kids that he thinks their school is crap and Labour are going to shut it down.


– Fairfax