Steve Joyce is either mad, stupid, or both

Steve Joyce talks out loud about tolling Aucklander’s motorways.

In an election year.

Is he mad, stupid, or both?

The Government has confirmed it is now open to the introduction of electronic road tolling in Auckland.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce has told a business audience the Government could support road tolling but will not support a regional fuel tax.

“There is no getting away from the fact that central Auckland is built on a narrow isthmus which makes it hard to get around – and the available land transport corridors are rapidly being used,” Joyce said in a speech.

“So beyond the current building programme we are going to have to look at demand management to reduce the reliance on the road corridors, in favour of better use of buses, trains and ferries.”

Steve, no one in Auckland wants to use buses, trains or ferries. We like cars. Dare you to tell that to the public and see how you get on. In fact get Farrar to poll it this week…if you thought dumping on Israel hurt your numbers a small amount wait until people find out you want to toll their motorways.

Joyce said the Government is developing a work programme to look at demand management tools including electronic road tolling in the medium to long term.

“But to be clear, we see this as a way to make the roading system work better – not as a revenue raising exercise.”

The Government’s had an expectation that any road pricing initiative on existing motorways and highways would be as a replacement for petrol taxes and road user charges, not in addition to them.

“And second, I stress that we are not interested in introducing a regional fuel tax,” Joyce said.

“Simon Bridges and I have reiterated to Auckland Council this morning that we do not see regional fuel taxes as part of the Government’s mix for transport in Auckland because they are administratively difficult, prone to leakage and cost-spreading, and blur the accountabilities between central and local government.”

Why even say it? Risking a revolt from voters over the mere suggestion of tolling roads we’ve already paid for is insane.

It is the sort of thing a retarded scum list MP would come up with in election year.

The only thing that will save Joyce is that Labour will think this is brilliant. I doubt Winston will, though.

Steve Joyce should go and sit beside Muldoon’s grave and ask him what happens when you toll motorways.


– NZ Herald