Steve Joyce pulls wool over Taxpayers Union’s eyes

via Newstalk ZB

Steven Joyce?s commitment to Mum and Dad taxpayers and more efficient public services in his speech yesterday to the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand is being welcomed by the New Zealand Taxpayers? Union.

John Bishop, Chairman of the Taxpayers? Union, says:

“Mr Joyce is right to encourage public servants to keep Mums and Dads at the top of their minds when making decisions that use their tax dollars. An efficient public service means efficient spending, which of course must consider where the money being spent comes from.

“The Taxpayers? Union is looking forward to the ?measurable commitments? to improve productivity Mr Joyce alluded to in his speech, especially in this year?s budget. The most obvious commitment the Government could make to productivity would be to squash corporate welfare and replace it with an equivalent decrease in the company tax rate.

“This year?s budget is the opportunity for Mr Joyce to demonstrate his commitment to Mum and Dad taxpayers and deliver the value for money approach he endorsed.”

The Taxpayers’ Union is dreaming if they think Steve “Mr Corporate Welfare” Joyce is capable of understanding Mum and Dad taxpayers’ needs. ? He will have his balls in a vice with Bill English holding the lever to ensure there is enough fear that he won’t give any money away.

In any event, National have a strong record of looking after beneficiaries and corporates, but they have a very poor track record looking after people that work hard and that risk it all every day.

Make no mistake – this years’ budget is Bill English’s budget. ?It’s mostly in place. ?It will just have Steve Joyce doing the business circuit as Bill, like John, is tired and can’t be bothered anymore.