UPDATED:Terrorists complain that their operatives were killed by the country they were targeting

What a weird world we live in. I woke this morning to the following headline.

Hamas blames Egypt for deaths of 3 from toxic gas in Gaza tunnel

Imagine the conversation with the journalist:

Question: So what happened Muhammad?

Answer: Well I and other members of Hamas were hard at work repairing our tunnel that the oppressive Egyptian?army had damaged yet again.

Question: That is a pretty big tunnel Muhammad, where do you and your men source all the concrete from?

Answer: Well our allies in the UN supply we Palestinians with millions of dollars worth of concrete and other building materials for free to rebuild our cities that have been destroyed.

Question: How do the building materials get to Palestine?

Answer: The Israelis deliver it to us.

Question: Your enemies deliver it to you? Why would they do that?

Answer: Because we tell them that it will be used to build hospitals and schools and roads and houses and parks.

Question: But shouldn’t you be using the concrete to rebuild homes and infrastructure for your people?

Answer: It is more important that we build these tunnels to advance the peace process in order to work towards a one state solution.

Question: A one state solution? Peace? That sounds wonderful, how are you going to achieve that?

Answer: Well we use the tunnels to smuggle men and explosives and weapons into the occupied territory of Israel. The goal is to slaughter all the Jews and make Israel part of the great Palestinian State. Once we have a state without Jews we will finally have peace.

Question: Oh, but isn’t Palestine dependent on Israel for water and power and employment for your people? Palestine is not a self-sufficient?country like Israel, you rely on the UN and the charity of other countries for your survival.

Answer: Stupid woman, Allah will provide.

Hamas has accused the Egyptian military for the deaths of three Palestinians in a tunnel beneath the Gaza-Sinai border on Saturday.

The three died in a smuggling tunnel between the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula early Saturday, and five were injured, after the group inhaled toxic gas during attempts to repair the tunnel.

Hamas condemned the ?Egyptian operation? in a statement, saying the eight were part of a group trying to renew operations in the tunnel.

?There?s no no justification for the use of such dangerous methods against civilians under siege,? the terror group said.

Civilians? Hamas are a terror organisation and the sole purpose of these terror tunnels is well… terror. The use of poison gas is against the Geneva convention. UPDATE:?Readers have pointed out that the toxic gas could be the result of the storage of explosives or simply a buildup of natural methane so it is unlikely that Egypt are responsible for the deaths.

Last year, 22 members of Hamas?s armed wing were killed while ?preparing equipment,? the majority in a string of tunnel collapses, the terror group said last month.

Gaza terrorists have dug dozens of tunnels, many reaching across the border into Israel, to launch attacks in the Jewish state…


Israel has been accused of so many crimes by the UN over the years while they continue to supply water and power and building supplies to Palestine but when Egypt is accused by Hamas of breaking the Geneva convention by using toxic?gas to kill Palestinian terrorists we hear the sound of…