Thanks Murray. We’re on the US’s cold shoulder again

This is the official White House release on Bill English’s chat with President Trump

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release February 05, 2017
Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand

President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand spoke on the telephone today. The two leaders affirmed the close friendship and bilateral partnership between the United States and New Zealand. The two leaders discussed regional issues, including challenges to regional peace and security, and the President affirmed to the Prime Minister the U.S. commitment to strong and active engagement in Asia. President Trump expressed appreciation for New Zealand’s significant contributions to international peace and security concerns.

Just a few months ago, New Zealand was finally elevated back to an ally. ?After David Lange’s nuclear-free brain fart, we have been on the naughty step for some time. ? Something that suits Labour just fine, to be frank.

So it was good to see the relationship warming under John Key. ? We’ve even had the very first symbolic “nuclear” ship visit some months ago.

All of that hard work was undone in one short month with the Murray McCully and Bill English comedy show.

Apparently we have no problems making trade deals with Islamic countries, but we can’t even get to the table with our traditional western allies.

What the HELL do MFAT, McCully and English think they’re doing?