The Trump Factor

Guest post

Wow, what a tumultuous couple of weeks it has been! For those of us with an interest in International politics, you would not have been disappointed with the sheer volume of the controversial!

What has been interesting to me is the approach the new Trump administration has taken with the MSM. They have told them that they are the enemy and they are treating them as such!

The pushback from Trump and team and throwing the lefts own term ?fake news? back in their faces has caused the left in general to go ?feral? ? and of course this is exactly what the administration wants. Every piece of left stupidity is reducing their credibility with the average punter.

The team have exacerbated the amount of head explosions on the left by acknowledging the right wing media, Brietbart, Fox and CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) in particular. Fox (Hannity) and CBN have done one on one exclusive interviews with president Trump, while CNN on the other hand was not allowed a press conference question because they are ?fake news?.

Why is this important?

Well its pretty simple really ? the Trump team are telling America, don?t go to CNN etc for your news, go to Fox and Brietbart et al. This effectively neutralises the left and promotes the centre right news organisations.

Is it deliberate?

If you have studied Steve Bannon, then you know that it is and of course it fits with the Trump philosophy! I don?t think withdraw is part of the Trump ethos ? he is very much of the attack is the best form of defence model.

Lets contrast the Trump ethos with the NZ model.

Dirty Politics was the opportunity for John Key and National to do a Trump, challenge the MSM, call them on the untruth?s and acknowledge Whale Oil as a legitimate centre right media source.

Instead the Key team did the opposite. They reinforced the media lies that Cam and Whale Oil are a ?hate blog? I still get comments from average Joe citizens along these lines today! I just shake my head and think of what cowards we actually have representing us in Wellington.

So, instead of sticking up for one of the only places that champion National and ACT, they have tried to destroy WO through their apathy. I say shame on them, and I fully understand why Cam is a bit…. I would be too!

So lets be honest, Cam calls a spade a spade, and he is a bit biased [a bit? – ed], but he doesn?t molly coddle and sticks up for his principles. And the great thing about WO is that if you follow the Mod?s rules (which are very fair) you can challenge him or any other opinions on this site.

Is he always right? Of course he is, he owns the blog! If you want to challenge him, come armed with good ammo, cause he loves the ?hunt?

Seriously though, Cam challenges and provokes ? just what a good political journalist should do, and what is sorely lacking in the NZ MSM. No target is sacred and nor should it be ? robust debate is essential for a healthy democracy ? it is after all the pivot upon which the Westminster system of governance is based.

So I now issue a challenge to all those closet ACT and National admins and MP?s reading WO. (come on ? we know you do!) How about taking a leaf out of Trumps book and growing a spine. ? Challenge the MSM on their ?fake news?, identity politics, and minority activism and promote the centre right media in NZ ? which is really only Whale Oil due to your lack of a spine.

You might be surprised at the positive response you get from ?real? NZ.

– Rosco

Declaration: I don?t know Cam and to my knowledge have had no conversations with him, even via email. All opinions are entirely my own!