They think Marine le Pen is their enemy when their real enemy is Islamic law

Image-My Stealthy freedom facebook page

I follow the facebook page My Stealthy Freedom that posts photos of women’s risking imprisonment and even execution for not wearing the compulsory Hijab in Iran. You would think that they would be happy that French politician Marine le Pen refused to wear the hijab when pressured to do so in Lebanon, a country that was once a Christian majority country. Instead, they bemoan the lack of left-wing politicians who are prepared to stand up for their rights as Muslim women. Marine le Pen is right-wing and a strong critic of Islam so her bravery in standing up to the Lebanese Grand Mufti doesn’t count because of her “worrisome agenda”


Le Pen’s agenda, of course, is to dismantle the power that Islamic law has in France and the power that Islamic culture wields every day over the French infidels. Her agenda is to protect the French people from Islamic terrorism. Sadly the oppressed Muslim women of Iran fail to see that their real enemy is Islamic law and that the left-wing not only tolerate it they are apologists for it. The only political parties that will free oppressed women are right-wing parties. The only parties that will stand up for gay rights and women’s rights against Islamic intolerance are right-wing parties.

The fact that the National Party is so quiet on the issue of Islamisation tells me that they are not a right-wing party but a centrist party that refuses to make strong principled stands for fear of being criticised by the media and left-wingers. We still do not have in New Zealand a true right-wing party prepared to take on the Media party and left-wingers in order to protect New Zealand’s values and culture and to stand up for democracy against Sharia law.

Look at all the countries where Islam has gained a strong foothold, where there are no-go areas, terrorism and Sharia law courts. Which political parties are responsible for their country’s culture and values being under attack? Marxist Left-wing parties every time.