It is times like this I hate being right: Cadbury to close Dunedin plant

Back in 2012 I highlighted that Cadbury was slowly but surely decamping from Dunedin.

It is interesting what comes in on the tipline.

Cadbury?haven?t exactly been quiet about their move to Malaysia and Australia. This blog has known about it for a while, and has been very surprised that the local MPs have not been on it.

The basic details are thus:

Cadbury has moved their bar dies to other parts of the world, including Tasmania and Malaysia. They are allowing some of their top staff to leave the company. They make all the bars now in Australia and import them back, and will progressively wind down production in Dunedin over the next two years.

At the time there was media coverage about this and I was labelled a liar and that the story was false.

A blogger’s claim that Cadbury is winding down its Dunedin operation has been labelled by the company as disappointing and irresponsible.

In a statement issued from its Australian office, a Cadbury New Zealand spokeswoman said Dunedin remained a valuable part of its operation.

“These comments are both disappointing and irresponsible given the hundreds of people we employ in Dunedin, who do a great job every day.

“As nearly everyone knows, Cadbury moved production of chocolate bars to Australia in 2009 so Dunedin could focus on boxed chocolates and marshmallow products.

“The site is making great progress, with some 80% of its products exported to Australia and beyond, and Dunedin has been chosen as the site to make several new products in 2012,” the statement said.

The spokeswoman, when contacted, declined to comment further.

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater yesterday published material claiming production at Cadbury Confectionery Dunedin was moving to Australia and Malaysia.

“They make all the bars now in Australia and import them back, and will progressively wind down production in Dunedin over the next two years,” the blog said.

The company planned to “decamp” from the city over that time period, the blog claimed.

The blog post sparked a number of comments. To one which questioned the veracity of the post, Mr Slater said his source was “very, very well connected”.


And then there is this news from yesterday about Cadbury’s Dunedin plant being closed, costing?350 people their jobs.

After years of speculation and concern, the Cadbury factory in Dunedin will finally close next year, leaving about 350 people facing an uncertain future.

Staff were told of the closure at a meeting on site at 10am.

Mondelez International, the owner of Cadbury, confirmed the closure this morning, telling its staff 200 people would be made redundant by the end of the year.

About 100 people would remain with the business until early next year when the factory would close.

More than 70 per cent of the products manufactured at the site were exported, most to Australia.

The business had absorbed the additional costs associated with Dunedin production for several years, but Australian sites could deliver production volumes at the same quality as consumers expected, area vice-president for Australia, New Zealand and Japan Amanda Banfield said.

”This is an incredibly difficult announcement, given the factory’s proud history and the outstanding performance of our employees.

”Our people in Dunedin are among the best performing teams in the region and, if it weren’t for their dedication and outstanding performance, the factory might have closed some time ago.”

It is times like this that I hate being right.

Not only is Cadbury halal certified but now it is made in Australia.


-NZ Herald, ODT