Turkey’s Erdogan schools Germany’s Merkel in politically correct language

Apparently Angela’s appeasement of Muslims in Europe doesn’t go far enough. ?Now she must not mention that ISIS are Muslims either.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today rebuked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for using the expression ‘Islamist terrorism’, saying the phrase saddened Muslims.

After the meeting in Ankara Mrs Merkel spoke of the need for Turkey and Germany to work even more closely together to fight against terror, where it is ISIS-inspired terrorism or violence from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is fighting for a homeland for the Kurds in south-east Turkey.

She said: ‘We spoke in detail about…the questions of the fight against Islamist terrorism, against every form of terrorism, also the terrorism of the PKK.’

We agree we want to cooperate, we are all affected by this. We agreed to have closer cooperation in the future,’ she said.

Mr Erdogan, sitting next to Mrs Merkel, was stony-faced as she used the phrase ‘Islamist terrorism’.

Mr Erdogan, glancing sternly at the German chancellor, pointedly remarked: ‘This expression “Islamist terror” seriously saddens us Muslims.

Europe is screwed.


Daily Mail