A unique look inside the Red/Blue National party

Guest post

On Wednesday, Cam posted an article ? ?A really bad day for a really bad wog?? Link: here

As part of a chat dialogue, I had an interaction with former National MP and cabinet minister (MP 1996-2011 retired) The Hon Wayne Mapp. Part of the exchange is listed below.

Rosco?to?Wayne Mapp?I am still trying to work out how you could have ever been an MP for the National party. You are clearly of a Liberal/progressive bent and pro Obama and very anti Trump. What can Trump do differently? Well the first thing he will do differently – he will not target the leader of a sovereign country for ouster as Obama did with Libya and tried to do with Assad in Syria. Secondly he has asked the Pentagon to prepare a draft plan for the defeat of ISIS and present that plan within 30 days. He has also stated that he will create “safe” zones in Syria to protect the civilians – this was after his talk with Putin so one can assume that they came to some agreement – need I go on… I will give the man a chance – as I am a glass half full person – unlike some others.

Wayne Mapp?to?Rosco
I think you would find most National MP’s would have preferred Clinton to Trump. I know as an absolute fact that in 2008 we were relieved that Obama won the election because we knew it would be easier for NZ to deal with the US with him as President, and so it proved to be the case.

I am certain that if you did a poll in NZ at the moment that around 75 to 80% would be worried about Trump. In the National Party it would be more than 50%. NZ has a different political setting to the US, though it seems that Whaleoilers are unaware of that.

I found the exchange to be very revealing ? and confirms to me why there is an utter malaise within our government and in particular the National party. A few examples are: The RMA ? eight years and still no repeal of this disastrous act. More rather than less regulation. The super city fiasco, the bloated bureaucracies in our government local/national and finally the pandering to our biased MSM and minority activist groups.

Wayne has explained why!

National was grateful that Obama won in 2008 (and I presume 2012), because he would be easier to deal with. Say wat? Obama, the pro big government, globalist liberal progressive ? the antithesis of what the National party (has) stood for. Forgive me for asking Wayne ? are you sure you’re not Andrew Little trolling me?

And then, ?most National MP?s would have preferred Clinton to Trump?. Wow! This is the women that gloated on a TV interview about the death of the leader of a Sovereign nation she had just helped to overthrow ? ?We came, we saw, he died!? while laughing! So Wayne what if suddenly she is not so keen on us…. yeah! Clinton?s philosophy is the same Liberal/Progressive globalist/elite one as Obama.

I will admit that the GOP of the Bush years was pretty much a horror story, however most sane people believe that Obama has made our world infinitely more unstable. I know I was worried that a Clinton presidency would lead to an unwarranted war with a major power ? risks are still there, but President Trump and his team have put some stakes in the ground and drawn lines under what is or isn?t acceptable ? hopefully that will calm down those players that have been pushing the boundaries.

Then the final one ? NZ has a different political setting to the US. Say wat again! If he means we have no conservative parties in NZ, I would have to agree. It is telling that after the Dirty Politics fiasco that National deserted Cam and Whale Oil and only retired National MP?s are allowed to come to the only right of center media space in NZ. It appears to me, the only thing the National party is interested in is ratings ? they do not have the mantra ?govern for the people? as part of their philosophy ? rather it is ?govern for the MSM and the political activists?. I notice that David Seymour doesn’t come and participate anymore ? was he also given the message to stay away! We are his likely constituents ? why would he not interact, take on board what we are saying and use WO as a platform to advance ACT policies.We do not all agree (I wince sometimes with some of Cam?s articles) and that is healthy ? robust debate of ideas is fundamental to a healthy democracy ? even if the left do want to shut down any dissenting voices. (I have just checked and the Herald has still not published anything regarding the U.C. Berkeley riots and the shutting down of Milo?s right to free speech.)

I am trying to understand what the National party are trying to achieve with their appeasement type politics ? we in little old NZ may be backwards shy retarded little individuals that are easily lead, but…. and it’s a big but.. what has happened in the UK with Brexit and now with Trump in the USA is a push back against identity politics and pandering to vocal minorities. That push back is happening here ? I am seeing it in rural South Island NZ ? people are turning off the MSM, and are very cynical about all politicians and bureaucracy in general. National need to take note ? there are always other options – It may not be the middle that deserts you.

Declaration: Old but not senile and a moderate in most things.