The victimhood narrative is already well underway in New Zealand

Stuff caption for photo: “The woman appeared to direct vicious racial slurs towards the group of Muslim friends.”
** But Islam is not a race and if you watch the video NOT ONE racist thing is actually said.

We can expect stories like this one to appear in our media more and more frequently as it is the exact same pattern that has occurred in every other Western country including Australia when the Muslim population was still a small percentage of the population. I have written before about the victimhood pyramid and New Zealand’s Maori are going to find out the hard way that their victimhood status is going to be put below the victimhood status of New Zealand Muslims. The same thing has happened in America to Gay Americans who have found that Liberals will put the rights of Muslim Americans over their rights every time.

Muslim activists are very adept at getting their victimhood narrative into the media early and building on the perception that they are the victims of intolerance when in reality it is their religion that is intolerant of gays, women’s rights, and other religions. I think that it is highly likely that the professional and educated Mehpara Khan is an activist as that is another pattern with victimhood news stories like this one. They always seemed to be fronted by a university educated, articulate Muslim woman.

I visited Mehpara?Khan’s facebook page and it was telling that she had made her post about the incident and the video open to the public to view but everything else on her page was marked private. If she was not an activist with ulterior motives then she would have made the video and post private like every other post on her page. ?I viewed the video ( which had been shared 2500+ times ) and saw a drunk abusive woman who said nothing racist at all. I would like to know the full story of what set her off. It is very easy to provoke a drunk person. All it would take is a disapproving look from a group of women. She called Mehpara ugly and stupid and a bitch and said the F word a lot but she didn’t use racist abuse at all. She didn’t even refer to them being Muslim let alone to whatever race the various women were.

Corporate communications consultant Mehpara Khan was the subject of a vicious string of racist and foul-mouthed abuse.

Mehpara received a lot of sympathy and support on her page including the following advice.





New Zealand is already taking the bait hook line and sinker and Susan Devoy seems these days to spend all her time sticking up for the religion that is not a race. I have written in the past about the actual religious abuse incident statistics that show that Jews cop the most abuse and intolerance by a country mile inside Western countries. The abuse increases proportionately to the increase in the western Muslim population so I really get tired of Muslim activists conning our leftist media into the lie that tolerant New Zealand is a hotbed of abuse towards Muslims.

The reality is that as the Muslim population increases inside the New Zealand the people who will be most affected negatively will not be the Muslims. The people most affected by growing Muslim populations will be the non-Muslims, specifically Christians, Gays, women and media outlets like Whaleoil who defend freedom of speech and are not afraid to criticise Islam.


Unlike Mehpara, who cares more about cartoons than the lives of the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were brutally murdered by Muslim extremists eight months before her tweet, I am not going to ignore the fact that she and her friends were abused by an angry drunk woman. What happened to them was unpleasant and no doubt a little scary. I do not condone in any way the actions of the drunk woman. Her abuse and assault ( throwing the bottle at them ) were 100% wrong. It is also wrong for a woman skilled in Public Relations to use the incident as propaganda by spinning it as an example of racism and Islamophobia in order to promote a victimhood agenda.

The Charlie Hebdo massacre should never be forgotten because if New Zealand doesn’t wake up and learn from what has happened in Europe and Australia, Whaleoil and every other critic of Islam will be prosecuted by our legal system and targeted for slaughter by Muslim extremists.

In Canada Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant is subject to ongoing Legal Jihad and in Britain, Germany and France, people are being punished by the legal system for telling the truth. Trudeau?in Canada is trying to bring in religious blasphemy laws. In The Netherlands Geert Wilders was successfully prosecuted just for asking a question about Moroccans. The threat?to our freedom is very real and it will be skilled P.R Muslim activists like?Mehpara Khan who will set the narrative and fan the flames.