If you want to get things done, ask Bernie Monk

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Who else has kept this issue alive through the years as well as caused a PM, party leaders and other significant?community leaders to quiver in fear?

Pike River families believe they could know as soon as July whether a manned re-entry will be allowed into the drift.

Experts working with the families of some of the 29 men killed in the 2010 west coast mine disaster have put together a timeline for the government, setting out a 10-step process for re-entry.

Bernie Monk, whose son Michael was killed, says the families aren’t planning on messing around.

“Bill English has made us this offer and we’re going to make sure it’s done quickly and properly,” he said.

The Prime Minister halted sealing of the drift pending an un-manned investigation of the mine after meeting with families earlier this month.

“The timeline shows some fresh inspections could happen pretty much straight away, like getting a high resolution camera down borehole 47 to properly identify remains,” Mr Monk said.

UN coal mine methane expert David Creedy, former UK mines inspector Bob Stevenson and leading UK mine rescue expert Brian Robinson have put together a two-page proposal for the government on how the re-entry process could be achieved.

As well as for high-resolution photography, they hope to use the unsealed boreholes to launch flexible robotic devices into the drift.

A new risk assessment would need to be completed, as well as systematic drilling, image and data capture, and analysis of the findings.

Further recommendations about manned-entry could be made by late July at the earliest, the experts hope.

I have no love for Mr Monk specifically, but I will allow him his grief. ?But someone should have told the Pike families we can’t turn this into the county’s next grievance industry.

I’m seriously impressed how this issue has been kept current with politicians clambering over each other to appease them. ?Most PR companies would charge an arm and a leg for that kind of continuous national exposure with top level political enagagement.

But because nobody has had the courage to tell Mr Monk and his friends to go and live their lives and leave the rest of us alone, he’s managed to make it to an election year. ?Wait for National to deliver excellent news about eight weeks before election day.

Well, as a cold-blooded politician I would make sure of it. ?Let’s see if Bill English has the gonads to pull it off.


– NZN via Yahoo! News