War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength,Hijab is empowerment

There is NOTHING empowering about selling the lie that a woman’s hair is sexual and needs to be covered up. It runs against all our Western beliefs and values. Every concept of modesty in our culture revolves around sexual body parts. The hair on a woman’s head has always been a part of her beauty, literally her crowning glory. It has never been a sexual part of her body. There is nothing modest about covering your hair. In our culture when we put something on our head it is for one of three reasons only.

1. Practical reasons ie sun protection
2. Fashionable reasons ie to make us look more attractive
4. Uniform reasons ie to signify that we are a member of a specific group

Hijabs have nothing to do with modesty and everything to do with group membership. Let’s put aside all the arguments about whether or not Muslim women actually choose to wear the hijab or are forced by family and community pressure to wear it. If we simply look at it as a part of a religious uniform we can easily show that there is absolutely NOTHING empowering about it.

Empowerment is all about freedom, being able to do something you previously felt unable to do. Wrapping a piece of material around your face does not increase a woman’s freedom in any way. In fact marking yourself as a member of the Islamic club will make your life a lot harder if all the Muslim activists are to be believed. According to them, the hijab makes Muslim women a target of abuse inside Western countries.

Other religions that have their members wear headgear to show their religious allegiance do not talk about empowerment. No Sikh has ever said that his turban is empowering. No Orthodox Jew has ever said that his?kipah?empowers him.

The reason why the propaganda is being pushed that the hijab is empowering is the exact same reason why we are constantly being told that Islam is a religion of peace. It is because it is actually the opposite.