We shouldn?t be na?ve

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This is a really interesting post from Franklin Graham, I think its relevant to your discussions on Whaleoil,

especially this post https://www.whaleoil.net.nz/2017/02/christians-right-nothing-rampant-islamic-fundamentalism/

You can find this post on his facebook page

A lot of people are talking about immigration and President Trump?s 7-country ban. At Samaritan’s Purse we work in over 100 countries and have worked in most of those on the banned list, so I feel I have something to say about this issue.

For example, right now with our Emergency Field Trauma Hospital outside Mosul, Iraq, we are treating Muslims, wounded civilians?men, women, and children?many of whom were shot by ISIS snipers as they fled Mosul. At the same time, we are treating badly wounded ISIS fighters.

Our medical teams take them in, perform surgery, bind up their wounds, and give everyone the same compassionate, Christian care?helping them in Jesus? Name. We are working to help thousands of refugees every day in different countries.

Like the Good Samaritan Jesus told about in the Bible, we help those who have been hurt along life?s road.

You can be happy clappy and still be well rooted in reality – read on?

But that doesn?t mean we don?t need to make the borders of our own country secure.

We shouldn?t be na?ve.

Just because we give medical care to ISIS fighters doesn?t mean I would want to allow any one of them to immigrate to the United States. That would be crazy.

Taking time to vet who we?re allowing to enter America isn?t too much to ask?we need to know who they are. God does tell us to help the stranger and those in need; but God doesn?t tell us to expose our cities, homes, and lives to hostile people.

Remember, Jerusalem had walls and gates, and when they had a threat, the gates were closed.

Many Muslim groups have made no secret of their deep and deadly hatred for this country.

There is a fundamental incompatibility between Islam?s Sharia law and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Pray for wisdom for President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the new administration as they try to work through the challenges to find the best ways to keep America safe and secure.

-?Franklin Graham