Weapons grade wailing over US Ambassador to NZ

The left-wing, including an editorial from Jonathan Milne, are wailing at weapons grade levels over the Trump appointee as US Ambassador to NZ.

The man being tipped to be the United States?ambassador to New Zealand?under Donald Trump supports waterboarding and once won the title of ?America?s Sexiest Man?.

Former US senator Scott Brown, 57, also doesn?t appear to have any ties to New Zealand, but he did tell?GQ Magazine in 2015 he??always wanted to go?.

Brown has led a varied life, and was a promising basketball star as a youngster before embarking on a military career where he rose to the rank of colonel. He also spent years as a male model in the 1980s.

What a crock. Apparently, it is an insult.

Donald Trump’s pick to be the next United States ambassador to New Zealand has been labelled an “insult”.

Scott Brown, a former US Senator, is being vetted to become Trump’s representative?in New Zealand, according to reports in the Boston Globe.

And like his boss in the White?House, Brown has a controversial history.

The 57-year-old supports?torture, posed nude for?a photoshoot, and was named as having groped and made sexually inappropriate comments towards former Fox News contributor?Andrea Tantaros. Brown denies the allegations.

New Zealanders reacted with surprise and dismay at Brown’s possible appointment.

New Zealanders? You mean rent a mouthpieces?

Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand founding member Nasreen Hannif said Brown’s appointment would create fear within the Muslim community that he would share Trump’s intolerance towards their religion.

“Everybody here has a negative image of President Trump and what his policies are.

“(Brown)?has a past history of supporting torture, so would not be good to our community.

“Also, being a supporter of Donald Trump will form an impression of him. We don’t know what he will be bringing to New Zealand.”

What about what Islam brings to New Zealand. They are far more dangerous in thoughts and in actions than a political appointee as Ambassador. I shudder at what the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia represents, or Iran, or Iraq, or any other Muslim nation. I’d far rather have the ambassador of a free nation that respects human rights than an assortment of apologists for head choppers from Islamic nations.

They seriously need to get a grip.

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger, David Farrar, points out the stupidity of this whinging.

Most of the stories on Brown have focused on the trivial. He has a serious political record, and would in fact be?a very credible appointment. Some of his background:

  • Active in Massachusetts Army National Guard for 35 years, rising to rank of Colonel in the JAG
  • Member of?Massachusetts House from 1998 to 2004
  • Member of?Massachusetts Senate from 2004 to 2010
  • Junior Senator from?Massachusetts in US Senate from 2010 to 2012

Brown also happens to be the father of singer and basketballer Ayla Brown.

Far from being an insult, Brown would be one of the most politically experienced Ambassadors we?d have. Most recent Ambassadors (and they have all performed well) have been donors, not former elected officials.

If the criteria for being an ambassador to NZ is someone who doesn’t upset Muslims then we have a problem, and it isn’t the appointees, it is the whinging Muslims.

Their so-called religion is the cause of most of the world’s terrorism, they subjugate women, execute gays, kill apostates…and a former male model is the issue?


– Fairfax