While you weren’t watching, the media turned you into a fascist

Whaleoil regular idbkiwi writes

Telling you everything you need to know about Fairfax’s sanctimony, inanity and political bent:

Conservatives=fascists, they deserve it;
“No, it’s not OK to punch fascists – even if they deserve the term”

“Not long ago, disreputable Right-winger Richard Spencer was attacked on live television”.

Conservatives=Nazi, purveyor of white-identity politics;
“Spencer is often accused of being a Nazi though he disputes that label. He is undoubtedly a purveyor of white identity politics, however”

Conservatives=”villainess personage”;
“for many liberals in the United States and elsewhere, the sight of such a villainess personage being clocked caused much glee”.

Conservatives=internet troll;
“last week, Trump supporter and internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos went to speak at the University…”

Socialists=shouldn’t sink to ‘their level’

Criminal Socialist thugs=’pro-censorship students’;
“protests from pro-censorship students, faculty and activists turned into a destructive rampage…Trump supporters were reportedly attacked and video emerged of a young woman in a red hat being assaulted with pepper spray by one of the rioters”.

Conservatives=should be beaten up;
“Gavin McInnes, a comedian and another prominent Trump supporter, was set upon by a mob outside New York University, where he had been invited to speak…The fact that the police protected him outraged one of the university’s professors, who was filmed shrieking and swearing at the cops that they should be beating him up instead”.

“there’s the simple fact that it’s immoral to physically assault people on the basis of their political views ? however gross they happen to be”.

Conservatives=grievously wrong, wayward views;
“People have the right to be grievously wrong and, as long as they do not call for the illegal overthrow of the state, to voice their wayward views”

So, there you have it: Despite their moral magnificence Fairfax is struggling, can you believe it?

The echo chamber has hit a feedback loop. ?They are believing their own hype. ?They truly are in a blind panic about the world falling apart just because?one man was democratically elected as president.

This is the media equivalent of Deepwater Horizon. ? It’s going to blow, it’s going to be a big mess, and it’s going to take some time for things to come back under control.

When having placed a legal democratic vote for a candidate makes you a fascist, no words can be used to stem the built up pressure. ?It’s gotta all come out before we can cap this well.