Whaleoilers are the nicest most supportive people

It is a real privilege to write for our readers who are the best bunch of people you ever could meet. Over the years we have been sent the most lovely supportive e-mails and have been given emotional support when things have been tough. So often the words of encouragement and praise have lifted our spirits and helped us all to keep going. We are only human and knowing how much so many of you enjoy what we do really helps.

The other day out of the blue I received the following e-mail that I wanted to share with you all as the reader who sent it to me gave me her permission to do so. It is a copy of an e-mail that she sent to a friend.

Hello again,

Your welcome email gave further proof that we think alike on so many issues. I suppose you have, like me, realised how twisted the MSM is in reporting issues. I?ve watched ?Question Time in Parliament? in an afternoon, and then seen how answers have been taken out of context and twisted to the detriment of speakers, when reported on the evening news. I am so totally sick of the Leftish attitude of the MSM, and the masking of any wrong-doing by a certain ethnic group. To my intense disappointment, even the BBC seems to have gone that way.

For about the past year I have depended on getting truth on issues from Whaleoil. Now, I get it advert free because I subscribe $10 monthly via Paypal. It seems only fair.
I particularly like Cameron Slater?s blog because of the moderators, who rule out any ?nasties?, and more importantly, the quality of the commenters, all of whom have pseudonyms. It is so good when they chip in on an article, because of their personal knowledge, so we get to know more. Reading it several times daily and becoming familiar, it almost seems like a friendly club where I ?meet? with friends. Also, there are farmers, teachers, lawyers, retirees, all manner of people commenting, so one gets a cross section of opinion. Although most seem to think like you and I , comments from nay-sayers are treated with respect. It is essentially civilised! Do have a look if you haven?t yet come across it. Love, [redacted]

The dam might burst so we need to fill the sand bags