Willie Jackson pins his hopes on Old Scribble Face

Willie Jackson thinks that the media ban unless they pay brown-mail koha is nonsensical.

Willie Jackson has described the banning of media with cameras from Te Tii Marae as “absolutely bloody nonsensical”.

He hoped that kaumatua Kingi Taurua could “fix it up”.

Riiight, so the guy who was let loose with a?Sharpie to draw on his face is going to “fix it up”.

I wonder if ‘Viljam‘ Jackson has considered that it is Old Scribble Face that is the problem and not anyone else?

Of the media ban, he said: “We’ve got to learn to do things a lot better because this is such an important day. I’ve been coming here for years and you cant treat media like that.

“I dont know what is happening at the marae here. It’s just sad to see.

“Let’s hope things can be tidied up a bit.”

Local leaders such as Kelvin Davis, Shane Jones and Pita Paraone had all voiced their concern.

The thing is Willie Jackson has for years enabled people like Kingi Taurua. Just listen to his show one day and hear him disparage white people, calling them insulting and derogatory names on air. No one ever complains, but if it was reversed the outrage would be huge.

The media luvvies, of which Jackson is one, have enabled Kingi Taurua instead of calling him what he really is, a brown-mailing scribble face with ideas above his station in life.

No wonder Ngapuhi have been left behind and will continue to be sidelined and ignored. They couldn’t organise a root in a ?brothel.

These guys can carry on all they like, but middle New Zealand is quietly nodding in agreement with Bill English for telling them to stick it.


– NZ Herald