Winston exposes Bill English’s utu on Judith Collins

Prime Minister Bill English admitted today he starved former Police Minister Judith Collins of money for additional frontline police as Finance Minister, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Ms Collins was a long standing rival for the prime ministership. Mr English made sure her chances were not boosted by gaining popularity and respect with the police and the public.

“He ignored the evidence that law and order was out of hand – dairy robberies, community stations closed and burglaries going unattended and unresolved – for his own personal gain. He ignored public interest.

“Just a few months after Ms Collins failed to add to the frontline, Mr English?s first major announcement as new Prime Minister was to recruit more police.

“Mr English, in answering questions in Parliament on police numbers, said it was not unusual for Ministers to make bids for their portfolio and miss out.

“Maybe so, but why was there a sudden turnaround in National?s thinking on police numbers? The only conclusion is Mr English?s desperation to win the 2017 General Election.

“He has also removed Ms Collins from the police portfolio,” says Mr Peters.

Bill English did as much as he could to throw Collins to the wolves. ?He couldn’t quite stick her on the back benches, but he gave her quite a few rats to swallow.

By consistently under-resourcing police he may have sorted out Collins’s aspirations for the time being, but he’s created a pretty nasty problem where New Zealand’s very few indicators that things are going bad really fast includes crime.

Politics isn’t for snowflakes.