WO Property: NZ Herald editor’s millionaire’s pad

I got the idea for this segment from a NZ Herald piece yesterday. I figured if it is OK for them then it is OK for me.

NZ Herald editor Shayne Alexander Currie is sitting on a goldmine in one of the leafy suburbs of the isthmus of Auckland.

He owns a property at Valley Rd in Mt Eden. It?s a Grammar Zone, iconic Mt Eden Villa. The Whitepages suggests an S Currie has a phone subscription at that home too. How quaint. ?

Homes.co.nz tells us that the home is worth approx $1.42m-$1.635m. Quite the nest egg for a hard done by scribbler and editor.

ReLab says the home is worth even more – between $1.75m and $2.05m! Shayne?s a millionaire property tycoon!

He’s reaping the benefits of untaxed capital gains, His own paper supports a capital gains tax for New Zealand.

Oh, and look, Shayne bought that house in September 2001 back when Al-Qaeda were flying planes into buildings, for a measly $376,500. He?s made a nice gain on his property – at least $1.05m but maybe as much as $1.67m – that’s a bigger gain than the famous All Black?s home sale that his paper wrote up about yesterday morning.

What goes around, comes around.