Woman attacked for wearing a hat

Haven’t we done this before? ?Should women not be able to wear what they want without fear of being attacked?

Actually, I’m wrong, it was a man

Actually, it was a boy.

And he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.


A 12 year-old boy in Chesterfield, Missouri wore a ?Make America Great Again? hat to school and was attacked by other students on the bus. When he got to school, he was suspended.

According to news reports, a group of students began arguing with him over his Donald Trump campaign hat and it was all caught on video. One student takes a few swings. You can hear someone yelling, ?You want to build a f***ing wall?? The victim?s mother, Christina Cortina, said she is very upset that her son was singled out in the punishments.

?As a parent, it?s so upsetting because my son doesn?t need to be made the example for this,? she said.

The school district said that all parties involved ?faced consequences? but only the Trump supporter getting punched was suspended.

?I saw him being persecuted for having an opinion of his own,? Cortina said of her son. ?I saw him being berated and bullied and beat ? literally beat ? because he feels strongly about the world today.?

The town in which the family lives was decidedly for Trump, giving him 25% more of the vote than Hillary Clinton.

The reporter in the News 4 footage above seemed put off that the mother would ?allow? her son to wear the politically charged hat to school in the first place. However, Cortina said he won’t be wearing it to school again to avoid a repeat situation.

So he can no longer wear a hat due to fear of physical violence. ?He’s been suspended from school….

…and there is absolutely?no outrage from the liberal left.

Of course, had this been a young girl in a tight fitting top with a Hillary logo….


– Truth Revolt