Wonder no more: National want Peter Dunne returned as MP for Ohariu

With all the recent speculation about Peter Dunne’s political future, one of the unknowns remained National’s position on Dunne retaining his seat. ? ?Yesterday we got clarity on the issue.

Around $1.1 million will be invested to build two new classrooms at Raroa Normal Intermediate School in Wellington, Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced today.

“The school has an increasing roll so we?re investing in extra classrooms to expand capacity,” says Ms Kaye.

“These new teaching spaces will be modular buildings, which means they meet standards of modern, permanent structures but have the added advantage of being more adaptable.

“This is part of a third round of investments in new classrooms under Budget 2016, which provides $882.5 million for school property, including new classrooms nationwide to meet roll growth,” says Ms Kaye.

And that presser was immediately followed by ?

MP for Ohariu, Hon Peter Dunne, has today welcomed the announcement from Associate Minister of Education, Hon Nikki Kaye that the Government will invest over $1 million to build new classrooms at Raroa Normal Intermediate School in Wellington.

“This announcement underscores the bright future Raroa has,” said Mr Dunne.

“The community is growing, school rolls are increasing, and the Government is being responsive to the needs of the community.

“I am delighted to see another local school?s needs recognised and have an investment made that will enable more of our young people to attend a quality school like Raroa.

“Our kids and community will benefit from this,” said Mr Dunne.

“In my meetings and communications with local schools I am also very aware that school buildings need to become more adaptable and open to flexible school environments.

“I am pleased to see that Minister Kaye is very receptive to meeting these needs and has announced that these new buildings will meet the highest standards of a modern learning environment.

Pork, meet barrel.

Wait for the: ?”Dunne delivers for Ohariu as part of a National-led government”.

It looks like National really don’t mind Dunne scuttling the RMA rebuild and all the other failed policies where he’s voted against National and were therefore defeated.

Time will tell if National was smart being loyal to a man who is only loyal to himself.