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gaud (noun) – A gaudy or showy ornament or trinket.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Early 15th century, “a bauble, trinket,” earlier “a large, ornamental bead in a rosary” (mid-14th century), probably mistakenly taken as singular of earlier gaudy “large, ornamental rosary bead” (early 14th century, in plural form gaudeez), later “ornamentation” generally (late 14c.), which is from Medieval Latin gaudia and Old French gaudie “joy, pleasure, playfulness; a piece of showy finery, a flashy trinket,” from Latin gaudium “joy,” gaude “rejoice thou” (in hymns), from gaudere “rejoice”, and compare jewel.

Also in Middle English “a jest, prank, trick” (late 14th century); “a deception, fraud, artifice” (mid-14th century). As a verb, “to furnish with gauds,” from late 14th century.