Who really needs to change their culture, do some soul-searching?

A self-described Teachers’ Union apparatchik talks about the?culture of police and military and how it needs to change:

I find it strange that he never acknowledges the abuse of young people by their own and the cover-ups that go on within the education sector, mostly by people represented by the union. ?

Robert Burrett is just one example:

A school caretaker?who sexually violated girls in his underground shed previously taught at a North Island school.

Robert Selwyn Burrett, 64, a school caretaker, bus driver and part-time teacher, has been described as one of New Zealand’s worst offenders after he installed curtains and a lock in his school caretaker’s shed to sexually abuse girls aged five to 12.

Twelve Christchurch primary school girls were victims.?Three of them?had physical and mental disabilities.

He repeatedly raped, sexually violated, indecently assaulted or made the girls watch pornography in the underground shed. ?Burrett abused the disabled girls on a school bus.

Or Wayne Glynn MacKay:

An Auckland teacher has been de-registered for sexually assaulting a colleague.

Pakuranga College dismissed dean Wayne Glynn MacKay, and reported the 2012 assault to the Education Council.

A council committee charged him with serious misconduct at the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal, which found the charge was proven.

MacKay was accused of assaulting the female teacher, whose name is suppressed, by placing his hand between her legs and/or pulling her underwear aside and/or touching her genitals.

He was also charged with making inappropriate comments about the woman’s breasts during a discussion about T-shirts for staff. She said he asked what size her breasts were and that he would have to feel them.

The assault happened while they were preparing for a parents’ evening at the Auckland school.

Or this unnamed reprobate:

A man?has?admitted sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl while he was her teacher at a?South Island school.

The man, who is not currently teaching and?has name suppression, initially?denied the allegations and a?trial began?at the Nelson?District Court?on Monday.

He faced?10 charges related to specific incidents of sexual abuse against the victim alleged to have taken?place in the latter half of 2008 when she?was in one of his subject classes.

Due to suppression orders, the name or location of the school cannot be reported.

I think it is the teachers’ unions that need to do some soul-searching, self-criticism, and implement a culture change themselves. Literally every week another dodgy ratbag teacher is before the courts, they are likely to be union members and certain to be registered.

We have just one alleged example from the Army and plenty of proven examples from teaching. I think this union?apparatchik needs to open his eyes.


– Twitter, Fairfax, NZ Herald