4000 apply for 26 jobs – were 3974 lazy, drug addicts?

So asks the title of a press release

So far Prime Minister Bill English has called out-of-work New Zealanders druggies and lazy.

“We have a question for him: what does he call the 4000 people who applied for 26 WorkSafe positions around the country?

“We call them people trying to get a job to feed themselves and their families.

“An applicant who received the reject email said he was stunned by the sheer numbers applying.

“It?s depressing for a job seeker.

“Mr English is fond of relying on anecdotal evidence from employers but when does he chat to workers.

Bill English only speaks to parasites. ?

“He should talk to people who apply for job after job and get this sort of response instead of tarring everyone with the same brush after some conversations with a few employers.

“Let?s be clear here, the WorkSafe job was to train people – so a Kiwi with some work experience, keen to work and who bothered to apply should have had a chance.

“About as much chance as winning Lotto.

“Mr English cannot tell us that immigration, at 71,300 net a year, is not affecting New Zealanders job chances.

“You can bet if he asks WorkSafe some of these applications will be from immigrants too.

“The competition for a job in New Zealand is extreme. Let?s make it fairer for our own people, not just dismiss them out of hand.”

Exactly Bill English. ?Please make more jobs so the lazy and drug addled people can have jobs too!

I wish I could attribute that diatribe, but it was sent out over the wires without anyone taking credit for it. ?Which is why I thought I’d give it a wider audience.

I’m amazed exactly 4000 people applied for 26 jobs. ?That’s like Jacinda Ardern getting 10,000 votes.

It seems more likely that the person doing the press release was stoned. ?I mean, 4000… sounds about right. ?And apparently, if you applied and didn’t get one of the 26 jobs, you were told how many other people applied. ?How else could he be depressed about the number of others that took a day off from drug taking and/or laziness being rejected?

I wonder if Rufus Paynter was among the applicants too?