Ain’t love grand…and then there is this

She looks so happy to be marrying this Black Power gang member.

The media are lapping it up though, celebrating gang lifestyle. I wonder if Kelvin Davis was invited?

A video of a Black Power gang couple sharing their nuptials has been shared on Facebook and viewed thousands of times across the country.

The North Island couple are pictured sitting on chairs with crate bottles in hand at a residential property while other family and gang members sit round with drinks and the celebrant reads their vows. ?

However, although it may not be unusual to share a drink on your special day, it’s how they exchanged their vows that’s creating a storm.

In reply to each of the celebrant’s questions the groom responds “yoza”, and his bride initially just raises a fist – a common way of greeting each other in the Black Power gang.

The wedding goes without a hitch until the celebrant gets the groom’s name wrong. However, all is quickly forgiven.

Masterton celebrant Gaye Blake-Gough said she was “happy and proud” to have been asked to work at the wedding.

Some wedding.

People criticise me when I say we have a problem with feralism in New Zealand. This is what it looks like.

We will be paying for whatever offspring this “marriage” produces.


– NZ Herald