Angry Andy returns

Andrew Little really doesn’t like Maori. The kerfuffle over the Maori King endorsing the Maori party and not Princess Nanaia Mahuta has really brought out the angry again.

It is almost like he read Phil Quin’s column in last month’s INCITE: Politics.

Prime Minister Bill English says the Maori King’s endorsement of a candidate for the Hauraki-Waikato seat shows the “growing discontent with the way Labour treat the Maori vote as somehow owed” to the party.

It looks like Bill has been reading Whaleoil. ?

On Thursday King Tuheitia?threw his support behind tribal leader, Rahui Papa, for the Maori Party and in the process snubbed his cousin and Kingitanga royalty, Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta.

The move was a rare one as Mahuta in her two decades in parliament has never received a formal endorsement from Kingitanga, the Maori King movement.

I still have to ask, other than racing Gerry Brownlee to the pie warmer every day in parliament, what has she done for the last 21 years?

But Labour leader Andrew Little said English’s position was “rich” given National had campaigned for many elections to get rid of the Maori seats.

“He is in no position to make any comment whatsoever about the Maori constituency – he’s in a party that abandoned them long ago.”

Yeah, except Andrew, the Maori party is a full coalition partner in government.

English says the King’s shift of allegiance is?a sign of the “depth of disillusionment about being trapped with representation by the Labour Party”.

“The fact is in Maori politics, when people are thinking about it, that works to the disadvantage of the Labour Party,” he?told media at his weekly press conference

“The Labour Party prefer kind of mindless loyalty of Maori, because they think Maori owe it to him and I think they’re getting the message that’s not the case anymore.”

Yep, Bill’s definitely been reading Whaleoil. Andy has been taking angry lessons too:

Little said he would “shove him off his saddle” if English was going to “climb on that high horse” given the government had taken no notice of a report and recommendations from the homelessness inquiry that Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox had passed on.

“If he is serious that his party, and his government, can work with the Maori Party and take seriously their concerns then why hasn’t he listened to a blind thing?that Marama Fox has said on homelessness?”

Little said Maori voters abandoned the Maori Party at the 2014 election when Labour won six of the seven?seats.

“(English) is desperate to hold onto his poodle but his poodle has lost support.

How unbecoming, how rude, how condescending, it’s almost like Andrew Little took lessons from a union boss…oh…yeah, that’s right. No wonder his caucus describe him as angry and a bully all the time when they are talking to me.

Bill English is right when he echoes me. Labour do treat Maori as though they are the little natives who owe their life to Labour.

I’m glad to see the angry come back, though.


– Fairfax