Another big donation for National, none for Labour yet

National has scored another big donation, again from Stone Shi.

The National Party has received another $50,000 from the head of milk exporter Oravida, which was once caught up in a conflict of interest claim.

Oravida’s founder Deyi (Stone) Shi made the donation earlier this month.

Shi’s company, which also exports wine, seafood, freshwater and meat to China, has close ties to National. Former National Prime Minister Jenny Shipley is the chairwoman and director David Wong-Tung is the husband of Revenue Minister Judith Collins.

Collins came under pressure over her links to Oravida in 2014 after she met with Shi and a Chinese border official while on a ministerial visit to China, weeks after Oravida had lobbied the Government about difficulties in getting its products into China.

Oravida has previously given $30,000 to National, and Shi once donated $55,000 in a charity auction to play golf with former Prime Minister John Key.

Shi is also the owner of Ardmore airport and bought former Hanover director Mark Hotchin’s Paritai Drive mansion for $39m in 2013.

Any donations of more than $30,000 must be declared to the Electoral Commission within 10 days.

The Act Party also recently declared $106,200 in donations from longtime backer Dame Jenny Gibbs.

So, Act and National are receiving big donations. Why isn’t Labour?

What is interesting though is that Bill English had to suffer a meeting recently from some other big donors, who told him to his face that there will be no money from them this year because of McCully’s actions over UNSC 2334 which saw National and New Zealand side with despots, dictators and terrorists, against Israel.

No matter how much Bill tried to explain, they were firm that there would be no money forthcoming this year and it was the back-stabbing of Israel that has caused it.

Now, Bill English knows that there is a cost to his betrayal of the only democracy in the Middle East.

I can’t wait until he has to explain that to caucus.


– NZ Herald