Another dopey idea from Doug Sellman

Doug?Sellman seems to have the monopoly on dopey ideas.?

His latest mad rant is to call fast food an addiction.

Addiction expert and researcher Professor Doug Sellman is director of the National Addiction Centre in Christchurch.

He told Newshub the fast food industry thrives on people eating it more, and the moreishness of particular brands lies in the engineered combination of fat, sugar and salt in its products. These are all ingredients New Zealanders consume far too much of already.

“Fast food outlets facilitate overeating through convenience, low price and provision of energy-dense moreish food, and therefore are an important factor in the New Zealand population eating too much.

“Not everyone with food addiction is obese and not everyone with obesity has food addiction. However, in our experience there is a very strong relationship between the behaviour of food addiction and the medical condition of obesity.”

Prof Sellman says it is possible to become addicted to fast food. ?

“By addiction to fast food I mean the development of a compulsive habit of eating fast food.

“Addiction is established when something you like has moved through the stage of it being something you want, to being something you need, or at least feel that you need it.

“Addiction involves neurobiological mechanisms in the instinctual, survival recesses of our brains.”

Any evidence of that Doug? I’d really like to explore that…I suspect you have none that can be replicated in any sensible scientific experiment.

Here’s the thing, we actually do NEED food. It’s pretty hard to live without it…and now this retard is suggesting it develops into an addiction.

Prof Sellman told Newshub one the most important factors in the success of fast food brands is expensive marketing campaigns, such as what KFC pursue in Australian sport.

“It’s the marketing of this food as being necessary for being a successful person, in the in-crowd, a good parent, that contributes to consumers developing a regular desire for and habit of eating fast food.

“For some, it drives them towards a compulsive habit of eating fast food.”

Here he is advocating for removal of advertising and property rights from legal products and trying to smear companies by heading down the tobacco control path.

Prof Sellman believes only New Zealand’s law makers can forcibly change and control the booming fast food industry.

“Government regulation is the answer. It is the tobacco and alcohol industry story all over again.

The price of freedom from government regulation is enslavement of large numbers of the population to these profit, rather than health-driven industries.

But Prof Sellman isn’t optimistic the Government will do anything to effect meaningful change in the fast food industry.

“Unfortunately, we live in intense neo-liberal economic times when public health is given less value by governments to the GDP contribution of big business, while the harms are relatively discounted.”

Ahhh….now we get to the nub of it. He’s a socialist and opposed to neo-liberalism. The real reason he opposed what he and his fellow troughers and travellers call “Big Food” as they smear legitimate companies.

Here is his prescription.

Prof Sellman suggests the following measures:

  1. Dismantle the marketing
  2. Increase the price
  3. Reduce accessibility (density of outlets and hours of sale)
  4. Increase the age of purchase
  5. More incentives for people to leave their cars at home

This prick is suing me because I called him mad and a trougher. Now he is out there recognised as an expert touting draconian population controls and at the same time enforcing draconian controls on people who dare to criticise him.

He wants to have age restrictions on fast food outlets now. He wants government enforced prices. He also wants to dismantle the property rights of food companies.

The man is a menace and he needs to be challenged on his daft and dopey ideas. I can’t wait to get him on the stand and cross-examine?him.


– Newshub