Another failure of teacher registration

Labour and the teachers unions tell us teacher registration is necessary and should be mandatory for all schools, including charter schools. Apparently, it protects the kids.

Except when it doesn’t.

A teacher who verbally abused his colleagues and referred to the chair of the school board as “fat and ugly” has been struck off the teachers’ register.

Paul Raymond Northwood, who was a teacher at?Manunui School in Taumarunui,?faced two charges?when he appeared at the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal in October.

One was for deliberately attempting to undermine students’ education, where it was alleged he provoked a student into punching him.

The second charge was for?breaching his ethical responsibilities as a teacher.

Sounds like he has a real future in the union or their political wing at the Labour party.

There were several allegations made against Northwood?in regards to his behaviour towards one particular student who Northwood saw as trouble. Other allegations relate to his behaviour towards colleagues at Manunui School.

The only person who is trouble is Northwood.

In 2014, the year in which the charges relate to, Northwood?called the Manunui School Board of Trustees chairwoman “fat and ugly” when she hand-delivered a letter to his home, according to the decision by the tribunal released this week.

The letter was to notify Northwood of complaints made against him by the school and to uplift school property. The board chair was accompanied by another board member and a senior constable.

The chairwoman told the tribunal that Northwood started to read the letter and then “began pacing … he then erupted and was really angry and abusive”. She couldn’t remember the exact words she was called, but she remembers him saying, “you’ll pay for this”, “you’re a puppet” and “you’re a fat and ugly person”.

And in an email sent to several of his colleagues, the Ministry of Education and Education Minister Hekia Parata, he referred?to an advisor from the New Zealand School Trustees Association as “that fat lady in the red costume from NZSTA”.

That part I don’t get. Other teachers who have screwed kids basically get a slap on the wrist. But dare to insult a board member and out you go.

Northwood was charged with serious misconduct for breaching his ethical responsibilities as a teacher.

The tribunal also found aspects of his behaviour towards students, colleagues and others amounted to serious misconduct.

Sounds like this guy has real problems. Best he seek employment elsewhere.


– Fairfax