Another far-right neo-Nazi Euro club has been discovered in New Zealand

There they are at a meeting. ? It is simply hard to believe that it could happen here in New Zealand. ?

This lot has clearly been flying (driving?) under the radar of those that want to protect our society from far-right extremists and white supremacist?ideas.

But now that they have been discovered,?for consistency’s sake, I expect the same people that put the knife into the Euro clubs at University and the Tech Institute to get busy driving (snort) these bastards out of town.

Tomorrow, we’ll even unmask their European masters hiding behind a legitimate business.

PS: ?Yes. ?This is absurd. ?But so was that despicable fascist display earlier this week. ? I challenge them to boycott this club and any Euro-business for the very same reason: ?that by inference only, and in the absence of any actual proof, that these are white-pride kind of organisations that have no place in this country.