Another lie exposed by one of Nicky Hager’s own sources

When Nicky Hager released his latest book he made several emphatic claims.

One of which was that John Key personally approved the raid in Afghanistan. That was the reason he chose the day before John Key made his valedictory speech to parliament.

Here was how Fairfax reported it:

The authors said the raid – in response to the death of Lieutenant Tim O’Donnell?from a roadside bomb – New Zealand’s first combat death?in Afghanistan – was given the green light by Prime Minister John Key in person but it was based on flimsy intelligence.

Except, like the locations of the villages, that wasn’t remotely true. We know it wasn’t true because one of Nicky Hager’s sources for his book has outed himself, and then revealed who it was who personally approved the raid. ?

The source?and the person who approved the raid are the same person…Wayne Mapp.

The war in Afghanistan has been New Zealand?s biggest military engagement since Vietnam, which is now two generations ago.

As much as anything this explains why I agreed to be interviewed by Jon Stephenson. He has spent more time in Afghanistan than any other New Zealand journalist. As with many independent journalists reporting from war zones this has not been without controversy.

In August 2010 when Operation Burnham took place I was in Afghanistan on a visit arranged months before. I understood that the operation was among the most significant operations that New Zealand had undertaken in Afghanistan.

I had been fully briefed on the plan on the morning before it took place. Based on the briefing, and on the advice of the military professionals, I recommended that it proceed.

So, he was the source for Stephenson and Hager and also the person responsible for the raid.

Nicky Hager knew this, Mapp was his source FFS. But he tried to pin the blame on John Key. Another lie by Hager.

As for Wayne Mapp, this man is a traitor, along with Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson. They are aiding and abetting the enemy, demanding inquiries and smearing our soldiers based on flimsy hearsay evidence from villages in a Taliban-controlled area and just wrong information like the location of the villages.

Nicky Hager stated categorically that it was “impossible” for him to be wrong.

In a statement sent to media on Sunday night, the authors say?it?s ?actually impossible that the story is wrong?.

And yet here is another lie exposed by his own source.

The media keep on buying his stories, they take everything he says as gospel and yet here are two glaring lies or errors.

Wayne Mapp is an utter disgrace. He oversaw the operation, he was in Afghanistan at the time, he personally approved the mission, and all that is from his own words. He was also a member of cabinet and so cabinet responsibility always rests with him and yet here he is years later giving source information to two avowed haters of the NZDF and our intelligence committee. This is why I call him a traitor, selling out his own soldiers that he was the Minister responsible for.

But the real kicker is that he’s waited years to do anything about this. He has stated that he was debriefed on the mission, he knew that it wasn’t successful, yet as the person responsible for authorising this he went to the media and professed something other than what he’d been briefed on.

But that is not the end of the matter. I knew that the operation had not achieved its stated aims of arresting or otherwise dealing with the people who had been identified as leading and organising Taliban operations against the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team). I knew this because I was formally briefed on that fact at the time. I also knew that other people had been killed.

He was the minister at the time, he authorised the mission, he knew there were other casualties, and yet he did nothing. Worse he waited some seven years to then become a dirty little weasel and ratfink by becoming a source to Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson.

Now he has the audacity to demand an inquiry based on nothing more than hearsay and a rehash of information he has held onto for seven years.

This whole episode is a travesty, that a former minister can work with avowed anarchists and haters like Hager and Stephenson against his own government. As I said, an utter traitor.

Then again he used to belong to the Labour party until his good friend and university pal Murray McCully brought him into the National party.

At least we now have a good suspicion as to who was responsible for the leaks against Don Brash in Hager’s Hollow Men book.

I’ll leave the final comment to the incomparable Malcolm Tucker, whose comments apply perfectly to Wayne Mapp.


-Fairfax, Pundit