Another thing to add to the list of things caused by global warming

Apparently…and this is going to rip Boyd Swinburn’s undies…global warming is the cause of diabetes, not stuffing your face with huge amounts of food.

If the average temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, sea levels will rise, crop yields will fall and vulnerable species will see their habitat shrink or disappear.

Which is bollocks because as temperature increases?crops produce more, especially as carbon dioxide increases. Ask anyone growing commercially ina ?greenhouse…they pump those puppies full of carbon dioxide.

And, a new study suggests, the number of American adults suffering from diabetes would rise by more than 100,000 a year. ?

Experts have previously predicted that climate change could fuel the spread of conditions such as malaria and dengue fever, because rising temperatures will broaden the range of disease-spreading mosquitoes. Likewise, as extreme weather becomes more of the norm, so will cholera and other water-borne illnesses.

But diabetes is different. It doesn’t spread like an infectious disease. People develop type 2 diabetes when their extra pounds and sedentary lifestyle make their bodies less sensitive to insulin. That, in turn, causes their blood sugar to rise and can eventually lead to heart disease, nerve damage, kidney problems and other serious health issues.

Researchers thought they might find a link between rising temperatures and diabetes for a completely different reason – the activity of brown fat.

Also known as brown adipose tissue, or BAT, this fat kicks into gear when temperatures are low and the body needs heat to stay warm.

A 2015 study of eight adults with Type 2 diabetes found that after spending 10 days in moderately cold weather, their metabolisms improved and they became more sensitive to insulin, reversing a key symptom of the disease.

A 2016 study found a correlation between outside temperature and a measure of blood sugar called HbA1c – when the first was higher, so was the second.

Findings like these led Dutch researchers to wonder whether climate change could explain some of the worldwide increase in diabetes. Back in 1980, 108 million adults had the disease; by 2014, that figure was 422 million, according to the World Health Organisation.

The researchers turned to the US?Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to gather data on the prevalence of diabetes in all 50 states for each year between 1996 and 2013. They also found the average temperature for each state in each year from the National Centres for Environmental Information.

Comparing the two, they found that the higher the average temperature in a particular time and place, the higher the age-adjusted incidence of diabetes. Overall, as the average annual temperature rose by 1C, the number of diabetes cases rose by 3.1 per 10,000 people.

So, if that is true then perhaps the government can give fat bastards air conditioning and see the weight fall off them. Yeah right.

Perhaps we just need a fat bastard tax.

In the meantime we can add diabetes to the rather long list of things that are caused by global warming.


– Fairfax