The anti-fascist groups in Auckland must be thrilled

It is tough being an anti-fascist these days. It is hard to get respect for the war on Nazis when New Zealand lacks any clear targets for your violent rhetoric. The recent Anti-Nazi rally in Auckland was a big flop thanks to both the rain and a distinct lack of Nazis to bash.

To be fair anti-fascists did manage to?label a European Culture group at Auckland University fascists and white supremacists on the most flimsy of evidence and they did manage to close them down with death threats and threats of violence. But what do you do when you are all about fighting Nazis and there are none to be fought? Luckily for the Auckland anti-fascist group out of nowhere, an enemy appeared for them to fight and conveniently posted their White supremacist posters all over Auckland University (co-incidentally the anti-fascist group’s favourite hunting ground.)


SUPPLIED White supremacist posters appeared on Auckland University campus on Monday morning.

White supremacy propaganda has been plastered across University of Auckland?just weeks after a controversial ‘European Club’ for students disbanded.

Posters went up overnight along Symonds St and other areas on campus calling for the prevention of “white genocide”.

White supremacist group?”Western Guard” is behind the posters.
…The?posters appeared just?weeks after a?European Club?had to formally disband amid claims of white nationalism and alleged threats of violence.

…Matthews said?the?posters were an isolated incident and could be in response to the European Club. “If we get wind of offensive or racist groups on campus we’ll take action immediately.”

The European Club rejected accusations of racism, however its use of Celtic symbols, commonly used by white supremacist groups suggested otherwise. The Western Guard, through an anonymous spokesperson,?said the sociopolitical climate in New Zealand, and many other western countries was anti-white.

“It’s time white people started looking out for our own interests.”

…The university had received complaints and was investigating the posters.

An earlier version of the story quoted a?Samantha?Haid,?who identified as an economics student at the University of Auckland, but Stuff has been unable to verify her identity.?The university said it does not have a student enrolled under that name.

– Stuff

It is interesting that the person the journalist interviewed gave a false name. When I have quoted sources and not used their name it was because they requested that I withhold it. The difference is that I knew who I was talking to and had confirmed their identity whereas in this case, the journalist doesn’t know who they communicated with or even if they are genuinely connected to Western Guard. They could be anybody.

One thing is for sure, the anti-fascists and the MSM have given Western Guard the attention they were seeking. I can’t help but wonder if ?the anti-fascists have created the Western Guard with their anti-fascist activism. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. The anti-fascists wanted an enemy to fight and now voila, the Western Guard appears.

Oh and one more thing, that group the anti-fascists ran off campus with their threats, they’re back.


PPS. The AUT group haven’t given up either.