ANTIFA attacked him, Americans are supporting him: He is Based Stickman

ANTIFA is a violent anti-Fascist organisation that has at multiple protests in America gotten away with attacking peaceful protestors that they have labelled Nazis and racists. They come prepared with their faces covered and with weapons and I read a number of reports where the people who were attacked state that the police did not intervene and left them to the mercy of these violent anti-Fascists who use pepper spray on people as well as their fists and also kick people as they lie helpless on the ground. Their intimidation tactics are designed to make people too scared to stand up for what they believe in.

Almost overnight though one man became a hero to many when he fought back and defended the people who were being attacked by the black-clad ANTIFA mob. He came prepared for their pepper spray wearing a gas mask and he carried a shield and a flag pole. Memes have been created and videos in his honour and almost $46,000 has already been raised to help him defend himself in court because he was arrested and charged for defending himself and others from the violent ANTIFA protestors who were attacking his group.

The support for him shows that people have had enough of the violence of the anti-Fascists and they have also have had enough of the police standing by and allowing them to attack?peaceful protestors. Donations to Based Stickman’s legal defence fund included single donations of $5000 and $2500.


On Saturday, March 4, 2017, left-wing ANTIFA terrorists descended on the March 4 Trump rally in Berkeley, California.

They egged a man holding a ‘House the Homeless’ sign and even pepper-sprayed an elderly Trump supporter in the face.

All this just a month after the violent, George Soros-funded ANTIFA riot in Berkeley over Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled speech at UC Berkeley — when police “refused to intervene” and only one suspect was arrested.

But all hope was not lost: enter Based Stick Man.

Defending free speech with a helmet, gas mask, shield emblazoned with the American flag, and a big long stick, Based Stick Man held back the hordes of ANTIFA terrorists trying to shut down the March 4 Trump event.

Until the Berkeley Police decided to arrest him. And charge him with up to 6 felonies.

His name is Kyle Chapman. He defended us…