Auckland Debating Society tells Conservative Party it’s not welcome

Conservative Party candidate Elliot Ikilei has been told he is no longer welcome at an Auckland University debate where other political parties have been accepted.

I think the Universities in general and the Auckland Debating Society have forgotten that they used to be the source of free speech, unpopular ideas and open debate. ? But as we’ve seen, universities the world over have become about being ‘correct’.

But now they have “disinvited” the Conservative Party from a political party debate where other marginal and fringe parties are welcome.

A party loyalist wrote to Whaleoil

Auckland University have chosen to block the Conservative Party from the election debate on the 9th of March, citing lack of space.

They are trying to silence views on the political right – especially given the Conservatives are the 5th largest party by party vote at the last election, yet they are keeping Hone Harawira of the Mana party as a participant despite not being in parliament and having a lower party vote.

I do note that the CP gain[ed] more support than Act, Mana, United Future and Maori Parties combined and Seymour, Harawira, Dunne and Fox are attending the debate!

I would have thought it would have been an ideal opportunity for everyone to see what alternative ‘facts’ they provide for the state of the nation, and what they thought that they could do about it!

Auckland Uni (nest of vipers) their commo/progressive/racism agenda is not working, the people of NZ are waking up.

Because of Colin Craig and his acolytes, there isn’t much love lost between Whaleoil and the Conservative Party, but ?Freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of what Whaleoil is all about.

By the time I am defending the rights of the Conservative Party against the Auckland “Debating” Society, you can be assured that the state of our universities is pretty dire.


– via?tipline