Aucklanders blame Asians

Well done Phil Twyford. ?Your relentless Chinky Sounding Names campaign seems to have found fertile ground in Auckland.

On average, half of the country agreed that Asian people are responsible for rising house prices, but the Auckland and Hamilton regions felt more strongly about this.

The survey was conducted by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Kiwis from small towns believe that New Zealand is allowing too much investment from Asia, more than those from larger cities.

And that’s Labour’s anti-Chinese investment attacks bearing fruit.

This may be due to having less involvement with people from Asian and are more likely to form opinions based upon what they see and hear in the media, the survey states.

“What we hear in the media forms our knowledge… We see stories about foreign investors driving up our average housing price and therefore New Zealanders start to lose respect for Asia and Asian people and they start to treat them differently,” an 18-19-year-old Indian man said when surveyed.

Only 51 per cent of New Zealanders were positive about the long- term benefits of immigration from Asia to New Zealand.

“The more we learn we can start to understand how much people from these countries can bring to our country in terms of trade, new skills and technology, and also cultural experiences,” a 50-59-year-old Maori woman said.

However, the country has warmed up to people from Asia, with 36 per cent feeling ‘cooler’ toward them, down from 44 per cent in 2015.

In spite of the generally improving view of our new Asian brothers and sisters, more than half of Aucklanders believe Asians are to blame for soaring house prices.

If Phil Twyford thinks he can get trough the election and still be an MP, I have a bridge he can buy. ?His incessant hammering of Asians in Auckland is going to come home to roost.


– NZN via Yahoo! News