AUSA accused of running a prostitution racket

This is a story about irresponsible headlines and hit-job journalism.

A new University of Auckland student group facing backlash over the use of symbols associated with white supremacists says it’s all a ” gross misunderstanding”.

The European Students Association has faced backlash after the university announced the group would be allowed to take part in recruitment with other clubs during orientation week.

The Auckland University Students’ Association on Thursday said the group had been flagged by a number of students for slogans and materials on its Facebook page considered “typical of a nationalist ‘white pride’ and fascist organisation”.

On that basis, I have asked a number of Whaleoil readers to review the activities of AUSA, and they have come back with a view that it doesn’t seem to be doing much at all that appears to be genuine. ? Review of Facebook posts of a number of AUSA officers have caused the readers to highlight their concern about use of drugs and alcohol. ?Worse, they have seen phrases and photos which are “typical” of an organisation engaged in “prostitution” and possibly “sex slavery”

Whaleoil has requested that AUSA comment on these allegations.

Allegations which will probably be denied, even though our readers?clearly have seen typical indicators of illicit drugs and sex being part of AUSA officers’ public communications.

But when we get the denial, we’ll be happy to run another fat headline:

Auckland University Students’ Association denies running prostitution and sex slavery ring

And then we can repeat the whole saga again. ?How AUSA officers were “found to be displaying typical behaviours related to prostitution”. ?One independent source felt there were the hallmarks of a sex slavery ring.

This kind of “journalism” has become rife. ?There really isn’t an awful lot of ethical backbone to our media anymore. ?A few years ago, the NZ Herald ran my photo next to a child molester story “by accident”.

These days, they just make up stories: ? “Slater denied being a child molester”. ?Cameron Slater, far-right white supremacist Nazi hate blogger in fact contacted the Herald to complain about being implicated as a child molester. ?After review, the Herald saw no need to make a correction.

But this is the kind of crap that President Trump faces every day. ?And not from tin-pot little outfits like the NZ Herald, but the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and CNN.

I’m just sad to see it has taken root in New Zealand as well.

A few years ago, a newspaper editor wrote to me saying that I didn’t make the grade of being a real journalist. ?I wasn’t decent, trained nor skilled. ? I’ve also seen it argued by Nicky Hager that the “proper” media have the checks and balances as well as the ethical thresholds to deliver much better journalism than… someone like me.

It’s pretty clear that if they believe this, they are in denial.


– NZN via Yahoo! News