AUSA guide to shutting down and silencing Europeans on Campus


Step one:?Get a political organisation to put a complaint about the target group on a public forum to get the outrage started. This works particularly well if you are wanting to smear a group as being a Fascist group when the complainant already has an anti-Fascism?event planned in a few days time.

Screenshot-Whaleoil From We are the University (Akl) facebook page

Step two: Jump in boots and all and declare that you are taking action. Use an exclamation point to show that you mean business and to indicate what a serious situation it is.

Step three: Ramp up concern and outrage on campus without any evidence of wrongdoing. Encourage snowflake behaviour with offers of counselling. Covertly give the impression that the group is hateful and that their slogan ( strength through honour) was somehow discriminatory. Encourage more people to complain about the group.

The University of Auckland understands and appreciates the concerns raised over a new student club, known as the Auckland University European Students Association. The University promotes a safe and inclusive campus environment, and while we believe in free speech we do not in any way condone hateful or discriminatory behaviour.

We understand that, in response to issues raised, the club is moving to change its slogan and has expressed regret over its choice of words. We would urge any student clubs, official or unofficial, not to engage in any discriminatory behaviour.

…Students who feel concerned about this situation should contact the University support services which include:

University Proctor
AUSA Student Advice Hub
Counselling Services

Students who are concerned about the affiliation of this club can contact the AUSA directly.

Step four: Call?a group that doesn’t use the words White pride a White pride organisation. Object to the group being patriotic and proud. Without any evidence of wrongdoing condemn the group and object to their right to free speech and their right to freedom of association.

Due to a lack of facts emphasise what the group MIGHT do because of SERIOUS concerns that are based on emotions and smears.

You can read their statement in full here.?

Step five: After succeeding in your goal to shut down and silence the group claim victimhood, to turn the focus on to your own organisation and to take away any sympathy from the group that was the actual target of abuse. Don’t provide any evidence of these threats.

Meanwhile, the group that was the actual victim posted this to their facebook page before they shut it down yesterday.

Hello everyone.

It is with regret that we are informing members, supporters, faculty and the wider community that AUESA, for a number of reasons, is officially disbanding as a university club, and will be withdrawing our application to be affiliated with AUSA.

Firstly, we want to thank those who have shown support for us from all over the country, both students and the wider public. We have received so many messages of support and motivation and are truly thankful. That is why we are apologising to these supporters that we have to call it quits and move on.

Sadly, it has become extremely dangerous for AUESA to continue with the appalling rhetoric by people on and off campus regarding our group, supposed members and leadership (all entirely unverifiable and rumour) and who we are linked with, what we support, what our aims were, what supposed membership have done in their private lives and much more. The constant threats to our safety, exposure of privacy, and general abuse the group and individuals have received is simply unacceptable, dangerous and extremely worrying. It is truly saddening that these actions go entirely against what those who have had a problem with us support and promote on their respective platforms and outlets.

We were asked to clarify numerous things and we did, yet it achieved very little. People had formed their own incorrect opinions on AUESA from the get go, and disregarded anything we had to say. This club was never intended to be political or to be engaging in anything other than a mutual interest in history and culture. However, due to an extremely high number of physical threats and severe (and unfounded) accusations of racism and fascism we see that the costs outweigh the benefits to taking this club any further. We outright reject these labels, and the group has always been open to anyone of any ethnicity, viewpoint or belief. We did not anticipate such an outcry in the media and we are shocked at the amount of false and slanderous accusations against us. It will be a great loss to all of us who wanted to explore the diverse range of cultures found in Europe and the roots of our society itself. Many people are interested in the heritage of this great continent and in what history can offer us moving forwards. This move should signify where true fascism lies, as those of us who did not intend to have any political association are having our legitimate interest in a cultural club shut down with credible threats of violence.

In addition, many have said that the club would not be inclusive or giving anything of value. We sincerely reject that claim, and the many people who support us are proof that they will feel worse off without our planned events. Many have said that ?Europe? is too broad, and we must be more specific. There are other, broadly designated clubs that cater for a variety of students already in existence which do not receive any negative attention at all. There are explicitly political groups active on campus that advocate systems responsible for actual historical atrocities and millions of deaths over the globe. It is sad that we find ourselves in this twisted and absolutely ridiculous spotlight. We wish the club could continue, however we believe it is best it doesn?t. Many people may have benefited from the lessons and perspectives Europe can give us. That being said, mostly we just wanted to have some good times and learn about who we are as people. Hopefully those of you who support what we are doing will understand why we have done this.

AUESA regrets that many students and staff members were deeply offended by formation of the club. We are thankful to the University for giving us a chance. Not one member in AUESA joined with malice, not one member threatened anyone, not one member said anything contrary to our university principles and expectations. We ask for this matter to be closed as we are abandoning all endeavors. We hope those who have threatened us seek comfort in this decision and move on. On behalf of all of us we wish every student a very successful semester one.


AUESA President.