Australian Muslim protestors have free speech but non-Muslim protestors do not

Muslim protest in Australia

In the West, there have been various cases of outspoken critics of the ideology and political system of Islam being dragged through the court. Politician Geert Wilders in The Netherlands and Rebel Media’s?Ezra Levant?are?two well-known cases that spring to mind but taking people to court for so-called religious vilification or so-called hate speech has also become a serious issue inside countries like Germany, Britain and France. It is always the so-called religion of peace that is being protected by these anti-free speech laws and now it is happening to our nearest next door neighbour Australia.

It is no longer safe for an individual or a group inside Australia to criticise Islam which surely must be the most thin skinned, quick to take offence religion/political system on the planet given the number of court cases that have been brought against people for speaking out about it. It is a serious threat to our liberty and New Zealand will be next if liberal Australia is already dragging non-Muslim protestors through the courts for a peaceful demonstration against a mosque being built, while turning a blind eye to demonstrations by Muslim protestors that call for the deaths of those who criticise or make fun of Islam.

This Australian Islamic protestor in Sydney was not prosecuted for holding a sign that said that anyone who insulted Islam should be beheaded even though?that is a serious threat of death to anyone who criticises his political ideology. His belief system that those who criticise or make fun of Islam should be executed should be totally unacceptable in a free and democratic society yet his freedom of speech was protected and no charges were laid against him despite the fact that he was inciting murder.

Australian Muslim protestor calling for real people to be beheaded

In stark contrast when a small group of non -Muslim Australian protestors staged a mock beheading of a dummy made from pillows to draw attention to their protest against a mosque they were dragged to court for the crime of religious vilification. They beheaded a pillow and that is a crime while a Muslim protestor called for real people to be executed and it was tolerated as free speech.

Australian non-Muslim protestors beheading a dummy

Australia is our nearest neighbour and they are already persecuting critics of Islam using the court system. How long will it be before Muslims here start to flex their muscles and start using legal jihad against their critics?

… leader of the United Patriots Front (UPF) Blair Cottrell?faced court today, charged with serious religious vilifications, damages to property and offensive behaviour over a video posted to Facebook in October 2015.

The video purportedly showed Mr Cottrell and two colleagues beheading a dummy outside the Bendigo council building in country Victoria as a protest against Islam.

…Mr Cottrell is?fighting the charges he has slammed as??ridiculous?.

“It?s all about getting attention,” he said today.

?To bring to the attention of the public that the theology of Islam is quite barbaric. Some of its doctrines, some of its belief systems are quite barbaric.

?It?s just not something we want in this country.?