Baby Boomer to Gen-X snowflakes. Harden up

Whaleoil regular Greg M writes

Sick to death of the whinging. ?Yes, us old farts had free education, and the 5% of us that went to university didn’t have to pay for it if our school marks were high enough to gain us entry. But we also didn’t have:

$3k to Work.
Accommodation Supplement.
Advance Payment of Benefit.
Assistance to transition into employment.
Away from Home Allowance.
Business Training and Advice Grant.
Child Disability Allowance.
Childcare Subsidy.
Civil Defence payment.
Civilian Amputee Assistance.
Community Costs.
Community Services Card.
Disability Allowance.
Early Learning Payment
The Early Learning Payment helps pay the costs of Early Childhood Education for children aged 18 months to three years who are from families enrolled in selected Family Start or Early Start Programmes.
Education and employment-related training.
Emergency Benefit.
Emergency Maintenance Allowance.
Employment Transition Grant.
Establishment Grant.
Extraordinary Care Fund.
Flexible Childcare Assistance.
Funeral Grant.
Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment.
Home Help.
International Custody Dispute Payment.
Jobseeker Support, we got that one.
Live Organ Donor Assistance.
Modification Grant.
New Employment Transition Grant.
Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) Subsidy.
Re-establishment grant (Special Needs Grant).
Recoverable Assistance Payment Grant
Residential Care Loan
Residential Care Subsidy
Residential Support Subsidy
Rural Assistance Payments
School and Year Start-up Payment
Seasonal Work Assistance
Social Rehabilitation Assistance
Special Disability Allowance
Special Needs Grant
Special Needs Grant ? Long Acting Reversible Contraception
Steps to Freedom Grant
Supported Living Payment
Temporary Additional Support
Unsupported Child?s Benefit
Work Bonus
Working for Families <<< This one especially.
Young Parent Payment
Youth Payment.

We have all been given 20 years notice, save for your own retirement.

A poignant response from Sally

Ball is in your court Gen-X.

Apparently it was also very easy to get into your first home. ?As far as I can recall, it was murder to get a mortgage. ?You had to have a long track record with a bank as a customer. ?This also was the birth of the Building Societies where you faithfully slaved away your money for a decade before you were qualified enough to get a mortgage.

And then, when you got a mortgage, the interest was well north of 10%, with significant periods higher than 15% and even 20%.

Sick to death of the whinging indeed.

2 year floating rate – Reserve Bank of New Zealand