Back in my day this little toe-rag would have been caned daily until he cut his hair

Get a haircut, snowflake

What is it with the snowflake generation and their equally pathetic parents these days.

They sign up to go to a school, pay through the nose for their property to attend the school then thumb their nose at the rules.

A mother is battling prestigious?Auckland Grammar School?over the length of her 11-year-old son’s?hair.

Heidi Hunt’s son James has golden blonde hair sweeping his shoulders.

By his mum’s account, he’s a?star student. He excels in maths and?creative writing, is a talented singer, and won the title of New Zealand’s top recreational cricketer with 29.48 MVP?points in early March.

But?he?isn’t allowed to attend Auckland Grammar School – and?all because of the length of his hair, she said.

This kid’s problem isn’t his hair, it is his whiny, demanding mother.

She wrote a five-page letter to Auckland Grammar to find out where they sat on the matter, but they never responded, she said.

Hunt was enraged to learn that James, currently in year 7, would have to cut his hair or “find a different school,” despite having lived in the coveted?Grammar zone throughout his schooling.

Enraged? Some one is a bunny boiler then.

Section 11d?of the Education Act 1989 states that?a person who lives in the home zone of a school that has an enrolment scheme is entitled at any time to enrol at that school.

So it is his?”statutory right,” living in zone, to go to Grammar, she said in the letter.


James?wears his hair long in memory of his late grandfather Paul Hunt – who was expelled from?Freyberg?High School, in Palmerston North,?because his own shoulder-length?hair broke school rules.

James’ grandmother, Anne Hunt,?said James’ hair is important to him?because it?connects?him to the?grandfather he never got to meet.

Hunt said James would be?devastated?if he had to cut his hair.

“It’s his identity.”

“This rule has got to go,” she said.

Oh pullllease…in honour of a grandfather he never met? Yank on the other tit, love.

She’s taking the piss. The rule won’t change and her son will find that Selwyn College will probably take him…like all the other drop kicks who get biffed from Grammar.

Back in my day at Grammar, he’d have been caned every day until he complied…and snivelling to?the media would have added a few extra strokes. John Graham was a top Head Master. Plus he’d probably have been hung on the hooks by his belt for being a cock.

Now his mother has made him a household name this kid’s life has now gotten exponentially more difficult at a school like Grammar. Having the last name Hunt won’t help either. He will now probably have the same moniker one of my teachers, Bob Hunt, had.