What you have to believe to think that Ardern being deputy will help Labour

Leftie commentator Chris Trotter reckons?Jacinda Ardern becoming Labour deputy leader will deliver Auckland to the party.

Here?s what you have to believe to think he?s right:

  1. There are lots of people who have already heard of Jacinda who ?
  2. ?? really like and admire Jacinda but who ?
  3. ?? until this week didn?t plan to vote Labour but
  4. ?? as a result of her becoming Labour deputy leader will now vote Labour, and ?
  5. ?? there are lots of these type of people.

If you believe all that I have a bridge to sell you.

1 is doubtful because most people haven?t heard of any politicians except maybe whoever happens to be PM, finance minister and maybe leader of the opposition.

2 is possible but then you?d think she?d have won Auckland Central.

3 is maybe possible if these people are pissed off Jacinda has been passed over for promotion.

4 is something Farrar would tell us.

But the main flaw in Chris?s thinking is 5. Even if all the rest is true, Jacinda being deputy leader ain?t enough. If Labour really wants people to change their votes from National to Labour because of Jacinda there?s only one job that?ll do it and it’s leader.

Then her pretty face goes on the billboards up against Bill English?s acne-scarred and sun ravaged visage.