Bill English should no longer do interviews. He’s a liability

When Bill English is put under pressure by an interviewer, he’s so keen not to take a position that he hedges. ? This was what led to the Retirement age debacle where the period from?interview to policy announcement was mere days. ? Having questioned people in and around the National party, Superannuation wasn’t anything more than a box to tick off when you shore up policy in the lead-up to the election one day. ?Next, it’s a flagship move that nobody around the Cabinet table saw coming.

So you’d think Mr English would learn from that and not blurt out more stupid things under?pressure.

Prime Minister Bill English says the government has the opportunity to change “who pays for what” with respect to water.

His comment to Newshub on Saturday comes as opposition parties try to make water an election issue and as schemes to utilise water are proposed.

Access to free water in New Zealand for bottling companies has been controversial as has water quality and access generally.

And just like the Retirement age, Bill English has now opened up the “possibility” of the government changing who pays what for water.

Isn’t that just delightful after two weeks of categorical denial that National would not, under any circumstances, change water charges.

This won’t have gone unnoticed by journalists and opposition parties who will now be picking other issues to drive Bill English into a corner over.

Not sure if it’s just overconfidence, a lack of genuine interest, or that the old bugger needs a refresher in media training.

Voters don’t like politicians that hedge their positions. ?They want clarity.


– NZN via Yahoo! News