Bill English will pay for Phil’s glory project, but he has to pick just one



Prime Minister Bill English has promised funding for Auckland’s infrastructure, as long as the rapidly-growing city can decide what its priorities are.

Speaking to about 250 business people at an event hosted by Business North Harbour on Tuesday, English outlined the Government’s plans to tackle big issues facing New Zealand.

New Zealand faced the “right sort of problems” of having to invest in infrastructure to cope with growth, he said.

New Zealand might in a general sense, but Auckland suffers from nearly 50 years of under-investment in its infrastructure. ?

It was up to Auckland to decide what its priorities were for infrastructure, he said.

“Money is not really a constraint. The government is in a position, as long as Auckland is doing it’s bit, we’re willing to supplement work to a greater extent than any other city.”

English gave the example of $1 billion funding that the Government had set aside for housing infrastructure in Auckland. Auckland had to decide where best to invest this money to create areas for new housing, he said.

“We said to the council ‘show us the projects that could happen sooner if you had the money’.” Auckland Council was thinking about a response, he said.

English said New Zealand was in a uniquely positive in the western world due to its low unemployment, low government debt, rising government surplus and stable government, he said.

Well, there goes New Zealand’s tax cuts. ?National are clearly wanting to buy the election by buying Auckland a few presents. ?Good strategy, because now Phil has to decide which of his project he wants the money for. ?And he won’t have enough time to get anything locked in this side of the election.


– Denise Piper, Stuff