Bill finally admits his treachery towards Israel was never before cabinet

Bill English has finally admitted what will likely be revealed in OPIA requests; that cabinet was never briefed by Murray McCully over the government’s treachery towards Israel.

Richard Harman managed to winkle it out of him:

During his visit last month to Queenstown Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confronted Prime Minister Bill English over New Zealand?s Security Council vote to support a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine issue and to oppose the building of new settlements on the West Bank.

?He mentioned it when he was here,? English said when asked if Turnbull had discussed it with him.

?All I would say is that we understand the impact (of the vote) particularly on our relationship with Israel and we want a positive relationship with them, so we will work to maintain that.” ??

But English will not withdraw from the vote as the United States is doing over its abstention.

“The positon is a long-standing position for New Zealand but also for most countries.”

He said that though Cabinet had not been able to discuss the specific decision to sponsor the resolution because of the unexpected way that Egypt had pulled out from doing that at the last minute, Cabinet had been regularly briefed on New Zealand?s stand on Israel while it was a member of the Security Council.

So, Bill English repeats the lie that it was New Zealand’s longstanding position, then goes on to dance on the head of a pin over cabinet knowledge of the treachery.

His excuse making, blaming Egypt, is pathetic. What about John Kerry’s rushed visit the month before? What about the briefings McCully was working on with the Americans? What about Cabinet Manual requirements to notify the Cabinet Secretary and/or the Prime Minister?

You can hardly have good relations with Israel when you run around stabbing them in the back.

Bill English thought this would all go away over the summer holidays. Wayne Eagleson will have been telling him that. But it hasn’t. It is now March and he is still being asked questions about it and his answers are unsatisfactory.

Murray McCully and Bill English still need to answer why it is that New Zealand supported despots, dictators and terrorists and threw Israel, the only liberal Western-style democracy in the Middle East, to the jackals. Until they answer that we stand accused of no longer being an honest broker in this whole affair.