Bill hands Winston a big stick to beat National with

Bill English misspoke on the weekend and now he is frantically making out like the superannuation changes have been planned for a long time.

All Bill English has done however is create a platform for Winston to stand on and a big stick to beat National with.?Winston Peters is now whaling away on Bill’s exposed posterior.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is refusing to say whether he’d support?raising the pension age but says a 20 year lead in is “preposterous”.

Prime Minister Bill English announced on Monday the government would gradually phase in raising the age for superannuation to 67 to start reducing the long term costs of an ageing population.

Peters, who has long drawn strong support from the grey vote, says the National Party helped “form the problem and now they say?they’re going to solve it”. ?

The plan would see super rise by six months each year from July 2037 and would be fully implemented in July 2040.

“If you have a crisis of affordability and it has any merit, then that cannot be at 2037,” Peters said.

“The reality is that crisis of affordability has been massively added to by National’s failure to fund the super fund.”

“It’s a preposterous statement that we’re making a stand now for 2030 to 2040 – it’s so part of the future that nobody will be around to ensure it stays there.”

Peters wouldn’t respond to questions about whether he would support the policy when it comes to forming a government after the election on September 23.

“I want to know who is still standing up after the election – a lot of people won’t be – politically speaking that is.”

Bill English hasn’t promised anything other than after the election, depending on the results then he may do something then…and even then nothing happens for 20 years. That is enough time for seven governments to tinker as well.

When will a political party actually provide a real solution to the superannuation bubble?

By misspeaking on the weekend Bill English has given Winston Peters a great big platform and he is using it. He is suddenly much more relevant and Bill English looks like he has tits for hands.


– Fairfax